Welcome web-site of Viravix Group OÜ! You will find here information about who we are, what we believe in and what we do.

Viravix Group OÜ is engineering company active in food processing industry, dosing and mixing of dry ingredients and explosion protection. We know how to deliver technological solutions and projects for FMCG companies. Our clients are multinational companies on different markets in Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East.

Product line 1: Food processing equipment of liquid products (drinks, creams, sauces, syrups) in hygienic design

Product line 2: ATEX - Fire and Explosion protection

Product line 3: Software web tools for manufacturing companies.

Industries: Food production (confectionery, biscuits, brewing, dairy, industries), home care and any industry that process liquid or dry ingredients;

Regions: Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Bahrain

Partners: Orion.Group, GEA, RSBP s.r.o., WAM Group, Flow Service

We believe that we can multiply results for you with efficient and robust solutions designed by our engineering team. We are focused on implementation of modern technologies with European quality of project management in processing solutions for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies

Our story starts on 2014 with establishment of Viravix Group OU (Estonia). We are grateful to our first clients Mondelez, Heineken and Linde Engineering who believed that young company can deliver projects according to their demanding requirements matching needs of market leaders. More information about what we have done since then you can find in “Projects”.

For queries or questions please contact our main office: “Viravix Group” OÜ, Narva mnt. 13A, Tallinn, Estonia

Also “Viravix Group” has subsidiary in Ukraine which provid local support for our clients:

  • “Viravix Ukraine” LLC, Kyrylo-Mefodiivska str.2, office 393, Ukraine
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Our GOAL is to be the customer’s trustful partner which can do attitude and strong performance.


Our FOCUS is our people who believe in their success driven by continuous learning, development of skills and customer services.


Our DREAM is to make our services well-known by leading FMCG companies for top-quality of engineers.


  1. Trust. Trust is the most important value and foundation of our relationships with our customers and Viravix team. You can rely on us!

  2. Convenience. From the first contact we do our best to make sure that it is convenient to deal with Viravix. It is easy to work with Viravix.

  3. Positive experience. Project’s delivery is about final result reached in full scope, on-time, in the best quality and at the lowest costs. We want your experience with Viravix to be the most positive in execution of your projects.

  4. Predictable result. We want to match and exceed your expectations. Positive experience with Viravix should be predictable for you.



We are glad to offer You our services at any stage of project delivery starting from supply of pump or valve for certain process to delivery of “turn-key” solution for processing of liquid products and ingredients that can be combined with dosing of dry ingredients.

1. Engineering and consultancy in food processing

Viravix has knowledge, expertise and experience of technological process in brewing, processing of liquid components for biscuits and confectionary, processing of milk and dairy products. We develop partnership with leading OEMs in food industry. Such contacts in combination with expertise of our engineers allows us to provide consultations to our clients in optimization of technological processes, development of P&ID, improvement of energy efficiency and select equipment that is the best for requirements of certain process. Our engineers will support you with best solution. They will be able to minimize your investments, reduce costs of maintenance and total costs of ownership. Also we know how to decrease timeline of project delivery.

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2. Supply of technological equipment and components for food processing

Apart from “turn-key” projects, Viravix is ready to offer you our services in selection of most optimal equipment or components for your projects. We can consult, select, offer order, deliver, make customs clearance and take full responsibility for supply of equipment, components and spare parts for you. We have partner agreements with leading suppliers of process components and equipment such as GEA Tuchenhagen, API Schmidt, NDC, Endress+Hauser (E+H), ARI-armaturen, NiobFluid, Inoxpa and others. Our long-term partner «Orion.Group» LLC http://oriongr.com/ can supply best in class stainless tanks and vessels that meet most demanding standards in terms of hygiene requirements in food industry.

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From 2017 we offer to our clients solutions for protection of equipment from dust explosion (e.g. flour, sugar, grain or other types of explosible dust). There is well-know abbreviation called ATEX which stands for "ATmosphere EXplosible". At the same time, ATEX is known as the European Directive 2014/34/EC that regulates norms for explosion-proof electrical and mechanical equipment, components and protective systems. It came into force on 1 July 2003, and all new equipment and protective systems have been subject to it since that date. In 2018 we delivered several projects in which we supplied, installed and modified equipment with high risks of explosion of dust from flour and sugar. In 2019 we became official partner of RSBP s.r.o. and successfully delivered more projects for protection of equipment from explosion of sugar dust and coal dust. Our engineers are ready to offer most efficient explosion protection with competitive costs from RSBP s.r.o - https://www.rsbp.cz/.

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4. Outsourcing

We are ready to offer services of qualified engineers that can deliver engineering projects on short term contracts at agreed hourly-rate. They can work as field supervisor who supports Client’s project manager or project engineer, and coordinates activities on-site helping to reduce risks and insure reliable delivery of project milestones. Acting as representative and contact person from Client side, Viravix team supports and consults at each phase of project starting from planning, drafting of specification and P&IDs, selection of equipment, installation, commissioning and closing gaps. Professional support based on outsourcing insures that projects are delivered on-time and within the budget. Our engineers have positive feedback from international clients and local contractors.

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5. Installation of equipment and it’s integration

Our engineers take care of supervision of dismantling and installation of equipment. Works are delivered based on «turn-key» approach with installation companies that have necessary licenses, qualified technicians, welders, fitters and tools that are required for high quality of installation works. Viravix takes care of overall project and takes full responsibility to the Client.

Our long-term partner Flow Service OÜ can provide installation services in Estonia, Baltic countries and other regions of Europe.

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6. Electrical installation and automation

Today each production company needs to have efficient control of process that should enable to decrease costs and guarantee quality. It is hardly possible to manage technological process with high productivity manually. The right solution is automation of technological processes. We take care for this part of project and attract automation engineers that have experience in processing of certain products. We are ready to offer You efficient and flexible solutions in automation of technological processes of stand alone unit or independent process, as well as complex processing lines.

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CIP washing station

CIP station is developed for cleaning of processing equipment in food industry where product should meet high hygiene requirements.

Unit is designed and assembled on skid and can be moved within plant after installation.

Unit has 2 tanks each is supplied with:

  • manhole for checks and service;
  • spray ball for self cleaning;
  • top and bottom level sensors;
  • level meter that controls level in each tank;
  • temperature sensor;
  • hygienic sampling valve (Keofitt, Alfa Laval or similar);
  • 2 lines for hot and cold water.

One of tanks with cleaning agent also has additional components:

  • 2 lines for dosing of cleaning products (concentrates) that has automatic valves, 2 membrane pumps and pressure transmitters.

CIP station has 2 circuits for supply and return that have following components:

  • centrifugal pumps with frequency drives;
  • flow meters;
  • Ph meters;
  • temperature sensors
  • heat exchangers with control valves for steam or hot water;
  • filters;
  • process and control valves.


Within this project Viravix performed renovation of silos for daily storage of malt and barley at brewhouse. This project was delivered based on «turn key» approach and included next phases:

  • Design works of technology including development of P&Ds;
  • Supply of equipment;
  • Installation works;
  • Integration into existing control system SCADA of brewhouse;
  • Start-up and commissioning.

Modernization included dismantling of old silos, installation of new silos for malt and barley. Supply of cleaning equipment that takes out metal, stones and other foreign bodies. After malt and barley are delivered by transporters to existing hammer mill.

For each type of grain (3 types of malt and barley) it was foreseen separate silo. Grain is delivered to silos using pneumatic transport. Supply is regulated with diverters and gate valves. Capacity of silos is sufficient for 1 day of production required for brewhouse. Grain via pneumatic transport is supplied to cyclone feeders equipped with rotary valves. Distribution of flow to each silo is organized with automatic valves.

All silos (bunkers) are equipped with level sensors of upper limit and actual level.

Transporters are supplied with all safety sensors: overflow, rotation, belt alignment.

Aspiration is supplied from European produced Cipres Filtr - https://www.cipres.cz/en/that is installed on chain conveyor.

Bucket elevators are supplied with membranes connected to explosion relief channels. All components have ATEX certificates.


This unit is designed for preparation of sugar syrup from sugar delivered in bags or big bags. System allows to perform several processes: sugar dissolving to required concentration, cooling of sugar syrup to temperature required on next technological step, control of water temperature and quantity required for defined concentration.

Sugar is dozed from big bags using hoist to conical buffer from which it is dosed into the line via automatic butterfly valve installed at the bottom of buffer. Station is equipped with centrifugal pump that circulates product and improves dissolving process. Main components of station are:

Main components of station are:

  • Centrifugal pump (for circulation) supplied with flashing of bearings;
  • Seat valve for flow control;
  • Automatic leak proof control valve;
  • Automatic and manual butterfly valves;
  • Non-return valve;
  • Mesh filter;
  • Sight glass.

For automation of process next sensors are installed:

  • Inductivity sensor;
  • Temperature sensor;
  • Pressure sensor;
  • Flowmeter.

Station is supplied with two vessels, each has:

  • Spray balls of CIP;
  • Vertical mixer;
  • Manhole;
  • Top and bottom level sensors;
  • Level meter;

System can work with 2 tanks at the same time. One is dedicated to preparation process of sugar syrup. Another one is used for dosing of sugar syrup into the product.


This processing unit is designed, developed and assembled by our team. Unit is designed for preparation of 2500 L of additive in fully automatic mode. Control cabinet and all functions are integrated with complex SCADA system. Operator can control the process from one place. System is assembled from following components:

  • Tank manufactured from stainless steel AISI 304L (equipped with vertical impeller);
  • Piping for supply of CO2, de-aerated water, ready additive prepared by system, CIP solution;
  • Control valves;
  • Dosing pump;
  • Level sensors, flowmeter, pressure transmitter, etc.
  • Control cabinet;
  • Service platform.

We apply high quality valves from leading manufacturer GEA Gmbh (Germany) https://www.gea.com/. All valves are supplied with pneumatic actuators and position indicators. For automation of process cooking and dosing tank is supplied with pressure transmitter, level sensor for high and low levels, safety switch on manhole. Supply of prepared solution of additive is done by peristaltic pump Watsons Marlow - https://www.watson-marlow.com. Quantity and dosing rate is controlled by flowmeter. Dosing rate is managed by frequency controller in automatic mode within set parameters. Connection to product line is made with double seat valves that allows to dose in 2 different lines. During CIP process seat can be flashed. All sensors are from leading manufacturer Endress&Hauser (Switzerland) - https://www.endress.com/. All process for dosing system are fully automatic. Control cabinet is supplied with Siemens PLC and electrical components. Dosing system is integrated in SCADA system that control all technological processes.


The aim of the project was to upgrade cream preparation line in order to automate the technological process, increase productivity and meet hygiene requirements of the process.

Within the framework of the project, our team successfully implemented:

  • Collection of initial data, restrictions, requirements for system design at the customer’s site;
  • Development of the P&ID and optimization of the technological process;
  • Development of 3D equipment layouts to ensure proper integration into existing site limitations;
  • “Turnkey” implementation of the project with integration into the existing process control system.

The main components of the installation:

  • Unit for oil preparation and automatic dosing;
  • Sugar powder dosing (existing system)
  • Unit for lecithin preparation and automatic dosing;
  • Mixer for cream preparation;
  • Pumps for transferring cream to buffer tanks and for pumping cream to the crystallization lines with fillers in automatic cycle;
  • Water heating unit to maintaining a certain temperature in different parts of the technological process;
  • Shutoff valves;
  • Instrumentation;
  • Control cabinets;
  • Stainless steel service platform.

We apply quality equipment in project, like: valves from Inoxpa (Spain) - https://www.inoxpa.com/. Pumps – volumetric lobe pumps from Waukesha (USA) - https://www.spxflow.com/ , Inoxpa (Spain) - https://www.inoxpa.com/. Instrumentation (mass flow meters, level sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors) from - Endress & Hauser (Switzerland) - https://www.endress.com/ . All technological processes are fully automated and integrated into the existing Gerstenberg Schröder control system (Germany) - https://www.spxflow.com/en/gerstenberg-schroder/. The new control panels in the hygienic version are assembled on the Siemens components (Germany).


Our office «Viravix Group» OÜ:
Narva mnt. 13a, 10120, Tallinn, Estonia
+372 (826) 2 22 22 e-mail: info@viravix.com
Our branch «Viravix Ukraine» LLC
Kyrylo-Mefodiivska 2, office 393, Kyiv, Ukraine
+380 (50) 380 98 92 e-mail: info@viravix.com