Consistent processing of animal blood into blood plasma or blood meal is a possible way of increasing the profitability of abattoirs even further. Obtaining blood plasma in particular opens up lucrative opportunities because this product is very much in demand from a wide variety of industries due to the valuable constituents it contains. Blood plasma is used as an additive in the food sector as well as in the pharmaceutical and pet food industries..

High-value protein source
When the blood with added anticoagulant is separated, plasma is recovered as a light liquid component. It contains 7 to 9 percent protein with a very high proportion of essential amino acids, and hence has a correspondingly high nutritional value. The blood plasma recovered can be fed into fresh processing or further processed to make blood plasma powder. The second phase from separation of animal blood is the blood concentrate which can be dried to make blood meal.

GEA plasmaprime and for small scale blood processing
GEA offers entry-level separators with smaller capacities which are easy to operate and handle for small scale blood processors, e.g. small abattoirs as well as fully automatic, high efficiency and high capacity centrifuges for full scale blood processing specialists. Whether small or big, all our separators feature hygienic design for high quality food-grade plasma. Our smaller plasmaprime separators focus on simplicity to make it easy for our customers to add value to their slaughtering processes by additionally recovering the plasma. The separators are easy to integrate, the overall process setup is straightforward and intuitive to operate and clean. Our separators with higher capacity focus on highest efficiency with fully automatic cleaning and operation for maximum utilization, most gentle product handling for highest separation efficiency and a design for fast and easy service.

Features & Benefits
  • All product contacting parts of the separator are made from stainless steel
  • Food-grade gaskets
  • Use of lubricants approved for food applications
  • Entry-level separators easy to integrate, operate and handle
  • Fully-automatic cleaning and operation of high capacity separators
  • Highest availability and efficiency