Within protein recovery, clarifiers from GEA represent the recovery stage from the centrate from protein precipitation. This not only increases the yield of valuable protein; it also simultaneously reduces the COD value in the effluent. Higher yields combined with lower costs of effluent treatment – the recovery stage considerably increases the efficiency of the entire process. The new clarifier generation features the advantage of large equivalent clarification areas of the disk stack for optimum clarification particularly in conjunction with high throughputs. A centripetal pump discharges the clarified liquid foam-free and under pressure, which means that there is no oxygen pickup.

GEA clarifiers are also suitable for all algae concentration processes. The featured GEA hydrostop system makes for very high solids concentrations (up to 30 percent) and thereby maximizes product yield. With the GEA hydrohermetic feed system our clarifiers provide gentle product treatment of the sensitive cellular material. Corrosion-resistant materials for processing salt water algae are available, too.

GEA clarifiers for food ingredients are also CIP-capable. For cleaning purposes, they are flushed with normal media in the CIP method; the residues which are removed collect in the solids holding space of the bowl, where they are ejected. The ejection process generates an additional flushing effect in the disk stack, and this improves the efficiency of the chemical cleaning process.

If you prefer mechanical separation at the highest level you can get our clarifiers for food ingredients with an integrated direct drive instead of a flat belt drive. GEA direct drive achieves a considerable improvement in terms of effectiveness. Our innovative drive concept reduces friction losses by way of direct power transmission. The solution of integrating the drive in the separator has resulted in a reduction of space requirement by up to 35 percent. The integrated design does not use components such as a gear or belt drive. Additionally, the direct power transmission results in a much lower noise level, in conjunction with low-wear operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Best separation results
  • Food-grade design and FDA approved gaskets
  • CIP capable for highest hygienic demands
  • Gentle product treatment
  • Available in direct drive design