A high quality starch can only be obtained if the small fiber fragments, lipids, proteins and dissolved substances are washed out from the starch fraction efficiently. For this process steps GEA offers 2-phase and 3-phase nozzle separators, each available with either flat belt or direct drive.
Our nozzle separators are of course CIP-capable, on-top they are designed for maximum capacity, lowest energy consumption and maximum availability. The optional direct drive makes for higher capacities with the same energy input, lower noise level, smaller footprint as well as reduced service costs due to less parts and easy maintenance.
Furthermore, replacing a nozzle is only a matter of minutes as they are easily accessible and replaceable through a duct from the outside: a dismantling of the hood or the bowl is not necessary.

Features & Benefits
  • Excellent process water minimizing fresh water consumption
  • Continuous and stable feed to the HC unit for uncomplicated washing
  • Maximum performance with minimum maintenance
  • No starch quality loss because of closed feed and discharge (no oxidation of starch possible)
  • Low energy consumption because of modern drive concepts and special nozzle configuration
  • CIP cleaning at operating speed
  • No additional pumps for the liquid phase because of internal centripetal pump
  • Fast and easy maintenance due to excellent access to the nozzles

Extra advantages of separators with direct drive
  • Higher capacity with same energy input
  • Reduced service costs (no gearbox, coupling replacement is direct and simple)
  • Noise level is comparably low
  • Motor or coupling failure cannot cause damage
  • No belt tensioning
  • Only very little space required due to small footprint

Rated capacity feed: from 40 up to 500 m³/h