There are many process designs which feature clarifying decanters (or 2-Phase decanters) in the fish and meat industry. For fish processing 2-phase decanters are for example used in the conventional process clarifying the fish press water as well as in surimi production to dewater the surimi after the washing stage. They also clarify the surimi press water and recover valuable product from the wash water. In animal by-products processing you can find our clarifying decanters mainly in fat rendering processes – wet rendering as well as dry rendering – but also for blood meal recovery
Whether fish or meat: our new GEA ecoforce decanters feature optimum design to cope with the frequently difficult working conditions in the two sectors.
Processes in the fish and animal by-products industry usually impose particularly stringent requirements on the hygienic design as well as the robustness and corrosion-resistance of the materials. These tasks have been solved by the design features of GEA ecoforce generation; high-performance stainless steels, special chute designs for ease of cleaning, additional spray nozzles at critical points as well as high quality wear protection have been installed, and the frame construction has been provided with maximum dynamic stability. The gear is also situated outside the production area, so that the gear is not unnecessarily heated by the product. GEA offers oil lubrication for the bowl bearings; this further boosts the reliability of the machine, and also reduces the amount of manual maintenance work compared with grease lubrication solutions. This stabilizes the entire system and it is also more attractive in terms of current operating costs.

Features & Benefits

  • External gears
  • Oil lubrication of all bearings for exacting demands
  • High-quality protection against wear
  • High degree of dynamic stability
  • Use of high-quality stainless steels
  • CIP capability, spray nozzles and sanitary design