Cleaning Lances
There are three different versions of cleaning lances available:
  • Cleaning lances with or prepared for a static cleaner (spray-ball)
  • Cleaning lances with or prepared for a rotating cleaner
  • Cleaning lances with or prepared for an orbital cleaner
Tank dimensions, tank design and the intended use of the tank must be taken into consideration for the determination of the spray ball type, installation depths and clearance.
Material: 1.4404/316L

Dirt Arrester for Cleaning Devices
GEA recommends installing the dirt arrester in the CIP supply line close to the tank washer to protect it against particulate blocking or damage. Consequently downtimes of the cleaning devices can be avoided.

Nominal sizes

DN 25 / G1" BSP

DN 50 / G2" BSP

DN 80 / G3" BSP

Connection: G-G DIN 11851

Filter gauze: 0,5 mm

Material: 1.4404

Protection Cage for Orbital Cleaners
From now on the orbital cleaners Typhoon, Tempest and Tornado are available with the new protection cage as an option. This protection cage helps to prevent nozzle damages caused by inserting and removing the cleaners into or from vessels. Due to the special design there are demonstrably no shadow areas while cleaning.

Mobile / Stationary Trestle for Cleaners
A mobile or stationary trestle is available for our cleaners 1" or 11/2" connection.

Technical Data