CIP washing station

Unit is designed and assembled on skid and can be moved within plant after installation.
Unit has 2 tanks each is supplied with:
  • manhole for checks and service;
  • spray ball for self cleaning;
  • top and bottom level sensors;
  • level meter that controls level in each tank;
  • temperature sensor;
  • hygienic sampling valve (Keofitt, Alfa Laval or similar);
  • 2 lines for hot and cold water.
One of tanks with cleaning agent also has additional components:
  • 2 lines for dosing of cleaning products (concentrates) that has automatic valves, 2 membrane pumps and pressure transmitters.
CIP station has 2 circuits for supply and return that have following components:
  • centrifugal pumps with frequency drives;
  • flow meters;
  • Ph meters;
  • temperature sensors
  • heat exchangers with control valves for steam or hot water;
  • filters;
  • process and control valves.

Viravix Engineering offers a turnkey CIP washing for the dairy industry. Our specialists will carry out the entire cycle of work: from the design of the station to commissioning, with subsequent warranty service.
CIP Dairy