The T.VIS® E-20 has been specifically engineered to meet the precise needs of the liquid processing industry, while also ensuring dust explosion protection. Furthermore, every component of this control top is standardized to the highest degree, guaranteeing a user-friendly experience that saves time and prioritizes reliability and safety. The advanced technology of the T.VIS® E-20 is built upon a sensor module that combines two separate magnet-based sensors. These sensors play a vital role in detecting the valve position and supplying the necessary feedback signals for automated plant operation. Additionally, the sensor module offers an optional connection for the pilot solenoid valves, enabling control over the valve actuators.


  • Proven housing technology and standardized component use, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Comes with the highest protection class as a standard feature, providing optimal protection.
  • Designed to withstand high levels of vibration and shock, making it suitable for demanding environments.
  • Easy commissioning process, simplifying setup and usage.
  • 2-color 360° status identification for effortless monitoring and quick identification of operating status from any angle.
  • Certified for worldwide use, meeting international standards and regulations.

Position detection
The T.VIS® E-20 is equipped with two manually adjustable sensors for precise detection of valve positions. These sensors are specifically designed to determine the start/safety position and the end position of the valve. This allows for accurate monitoring and control of the valve's movement, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

The sensors in the T.VIS® E-20 are mounted on guide blocks and offer individual adjustability along the entire stroke of the valve. This adjustability is made possible through two threaded spindles that are integrated into the sensor module. By utilizing these threaded spindles, users can precisely set and fine-tune the sensor positions to align with the valve's movement range. This level of adjustability ensures optimal sensor performance and reliable detection throughout the valve's stroke.


LED display

  • green: valve in non-actuated position
  • yellow: valve in end position

As a standard feature, the T.VIS® E-20 is equipped with a compact module that integrates 2 position sensors. Additionally, the module includes integrated LEDs that facilitate status identification through an illuminated dome on the control top cap. For convenient and intrinsically safe operation, the control top is designed with internal spring-loaded terminals. These terminals allow for direct wiring by the customer to the necessary operating equipment, enabling both feedback signals and valve activations to be connected. Furthermore, the supply air connection of the T.VIS® E-20 features a replaceable filter, which serves to protect the built-in solenoid valves from contaminants. This ensures the reliable and smooth functioning of the device.