Function of VARINLINE® components

VARINLINE® process connections are attached to the VARINLINE® housings. Multiple suppliers of measuring instruments offer their components with a matching connection fitting. This ensures an easy, quick and hygienic adaption of multiple instruments to our VARINLINE® housing.


The VARINLINE® system is established in all hygienically designed parts of processing plants. VARINLINE® housings enable the installation of measurement instruments without any dead spaces and thus allow the use of measurement instruments in plants with highest hygienic demands.

The VARINLINE® system ensures a proper monitoring of the process parameters such as pressure, temperature or the flow. An optimization of processes through measurement instruments may lead to the reduction of product losses, e.g. through finding the ideal switch points during push-outs by sensing the color, the turbidity or conductivity of the product.

The level sensor is used as a medium sensing instrument to protect pumps or to control the filling process of tanks.

Additionally the In-Line sprayer type IS25 can be attached to the VARINLINE® process connections. The retracting sprayer can be used to clean vessels or the pipeline.

For the connection of measurement and control instruments to tanks, VARINLINE® process and tank connections are available, which can be directly welded into the tank wall, the cone or the torospherical head.


The adaption part, which is the VARINLINE® housing represents the core component within the pocket-free in-line control and measurement system within piping systems.

Defined by the nominal size of the housings as well as by the towering dimension of the attached instruments, up to two instruments can be attached to one VARINLINE® housing.

Only the smaller nominal sizes like DN10 and DN15, as well as ISO 13,5 to ISO 21,3 offer only one instrument to be attached.

To modulate the housings according to different sizes of the tubings, four different sizes of process connections are offered within the range of our VARINLINE® system.

Pipe Classes

VARINLINE® housing are generally offered with weld ends, as an option different welded-on pipe unions can be delivered.

The nominal sizes of the weld ends are in accordance with the following norms:

  • Metric: Outside diameter acc. to DIN 11850, series II; DIN 11866, series A
  • Inch OD: Outside diameter based on ASME-BPE-a-2004, DIN 11866, series C
  • Inch IPS: Outside diameter acc. to IPS Sch. 5
  • ISO: Outside diameter acc. to DIN EN ISO 1127


The standard for surfaces in contact with the product depends on the particular nominal width standard:

  • Metric, Inch OD, ISO: Ra ≤ 0.8 μm
  • Inch IPS: Ra ≤ 1.2 μm

Higher-quality surfaces are an available option. Surfaces not in contact with the product (housing) are matte blasted as standard. Alternatively, a ground outer surface is available.