The bourdon tube gauge is equipped with a pressure transformator. A diaphragm ensures the separation from the process medium and transfers the process pressure to the measurement instrument via a transferring medium. If a pressure acts from the process medium direction onto the instrument, the elastic diaphragm transfers this pressure to the transferring medium and thus to the measurement instrument.

Due to the specific design of these pressure gauges, a small temperature influence could be achieved as well as the possibility to measure overpressure and vacuum conditions. The indication instrument is filled with glycerine (conform with FDA regulations) or with isolation oil in cases of the presence of limit switches to achieve a damping behavior during high vibrations as well as to avoid condensation during the use at different temperatures. As result, this pressure gauge is ideally designed to be used in (liquid) food applications.

It is available with different adaptors to fit into process connections type B, F and N. Several orientations of the pressure gauge are available to enable a proper readability of the instrument to enable a proper readability of the instrument in different installation positions.