3D scanning and 3D modeling for breweries

We offer breweries engineering services of 3D scanning and 3D modeling of buildings and equipment. The customer receives a three-dimensional digital copy of the real object on production sites in a short time. These technologies are the fastest way to get initial data when planning construction, reconstruction, modernization, renovation.

What are 3D scanning and 3D modeling

The purpose of both technologies is a creation of a digital copy of the real object – BIM model.
Visualization allows a better assessment of opportunities for actions with capital facility or equipment than on the base of usual 2D drawings.

The only difference is that with 3D modeling engineer works with the project, and with 3D scanning the engineer measures an object that already exists.

Client can order:
  • 3D modeling of brewery
    Useful for updating project documentation for the complex, designing, and preparing for capital works.
  • 3D modeling of production unit
    Model is designed for a separate production unit where the actions are planned.
  • 3D modeling of equipment
    It helps during the design of engineering networks, production lines and separate areas.
  • 3D scanning of brewery,
    production units. It is useful for planning new equipment locations and reconstruction.
  • 3D scanning of equipment
    It helps during the modernization planning and repairing work of existing production line
  • 3D laser scanning allows performing quickly a facade shooting, measurement and examination of existing buildings and facilities, monitoring easily construction projects, calculating accurately areas and volumes. The resulting digital model will contain all the features of the object, including uneven floors and walls, cracks and roughness.

  • With 3D modeling, the client receives an exact copy of the future building, which can be used for evaluating of all the ideas of the designers, including the color and density of the surfaces.

  • Having a BIM model, the client will not overpay for projects that cannot be implemented, and will be able to control every stage of work. For example, a 3D scanning of an existing facility when designing a CIP station will help to understand what size the CIP station should be and where it can be installed.

Stages of 3D scanning and 3D modeling

Preliminary stage.
At this stage, we specify the technical task with the customer, approve the work schedule. Our engineers study the initial data of the object, assess the complexity of the task.
We use a FARO S150 laser scanner for measurements and accurate calculations of surface areas.
Creating a digital model.
Engineers make 3D modeling and 3D scanning in Archicad, 3DMax or Revit programs.
The result is a BIM model of brewery, production unit or production area. A BIM model can be made with different levels of detail: LOD100, LOD200, LOD300, LOD400 and LOD500. The level of detail will be specified by the customer in the technical task.
Who are we?
We are "Viravix Engineering", an expert community of brewing technologists. Our specialists have been working for more than 15 years at AB InBev, and made the way from ordinary equipment maintenance workers to zone engineers, who were responsible for 12 breweries in different regions. We are known by names in the industry. Our work is talked about through "word of mouth".

"Viravix Engineering" unites the best experts in brewing with beer producers.

Already in our "independent life" we have implemented dozens of projects in Ukraine and European countries. We offer a turnkey complex of works - starting from design to commissioning and service.

We use the best international practices and technologies in our work. 3D scanning and 3D modeling of objects and processes at the brewery is one of them.

Our partner is ScanyWell. The company specializes in reverse engineering, namely, 3D scanning of parts of any size - from a few centimeters to several meters. On the basis of this, we prepare design documentation for further production on CNC machines or 3D printers.


    Benefits for the customer

    In cooperation with "Viravix Engineering", the client receives:
    • professional knowledge of experts with more than 15 years of work experience in the industry leader AB InBev;
    • confirmation of their qualifications by dozens of projects implemented in Ukraine and Europe;
    • design and engineering of equipment based on total operating costs;
    • workshop with the customer to work out design, safety and ease of use issues;
    • an individual approach in solving design issues using the standards of the best world practices of international companies in terms of safety, quality and energy consumption;
    • recommendations for the modernization of the brewery based on an accurate 3D model and specifications.
    Leave a request to "Viravix Engineering" in any convenient way, and our specialists will contact you. Or call if you have any questions.