Viravix Engineering

Turn-key process solutions for food industry

Welcome web-site of Viravix Group OÜ!
Viravix Group OÜ is engineering company active in food processing industry, dosing and mixing of dry ingredients and explosion protection. We know how to deliver technological solutions and projects for FMCG companies. Our clients are multinational companies on different markets in Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East.


  • Our goal

    Our GOAL is to be the customer’s trustful partner which can do attitude and strong performance.
  • Our focus

    Our FOCUS is our people who believe in their success driven by continuous learning, development of skills and customer services.
  • Our dream

    Our DREAM is to make our services well-known by leading FMCG companies for top-quality of engineers.
  • Trust
    Trust is the most important value and foundation of our relationships with our customers and Viravix team. You can rely on us!
  • Convenience
    From the first contact we do our best to make sure that it is convenient to deal with Viravix. It is easy to work with Viravix.
  • Positive experience
    Project’s delivery is about final result reached in full scope, on-time, in the best quality and at the lowest costs. We want your experience with Viravix to be the most positive in execution of your projects.
  • Predictable result
    We want to match and exceed your expectations. Positive experience with Viravix should be predictable for you.



  • Analysis of existing processes
    We use remote monitoring systems QiVisor Web. The system connects to production equipment and transmits data from its sensors, components and systems.
  • Improvement of technological processes
    We identify bottlenecks and offer possible solutions to optimize production. We use the standards and practices of world leaders in brewing in our work.
  • Supply of technological equipment and components for food processing
    Equipment and components from leading European manufacturers. You’ll get 15% to 30% discounts on components when you order from us.
  • Installation of equipment and it’s integration
    We use 3D modeling and 3D scanning for premises in the design. We will not offer anything that cannot be installed in existing capital facilities.
  • Technical consultations and remote support
    Our engineer will analyze the system data without going to the site for immediate assistance. This service saves time for searching and solving the problem by 3 times and travel costs on average 340 € per month.
  • Electrical installation and automation
    A range of turnkey services, from design to commissioning.