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Engineering for the dairy industry

The Expertise Centre for Process Engineers offers design, automation, installation and maintenance services for production lines for the dairy industry. We will carry out the entire project on a turnkey basis or get involved at any stage to save the situation if there are problems with the contractor. VIRAVIX connects dairy producers with the best experts.
Marketing helps to sell the first carton of milk. The customer will buy the second one if they like the taste. Modern technology and smart production ensure that the producer sells the rest of the products too.
Yuriy Fedyaj CEO of VIRAVIX

Why do we need engineering services?

All dairy producers - large plants or small farmers - strive for consistent product quality. It is a guarantee of sales and protection against returns of rejects. We call this 'tradition'.
Tradition is not only about unique proprietary recipes, but also about the consistently high quality of the dairy product. It is when a brand is known, praised and sought out in shops.

The dairy industry has strict requirements for product safety:

  • of bacobemia;
  • organoleptic characteristics;
  • physico-chemical composition.

Large dairy holdings have long known how to ensure their stable compliance. Smaller or start-up companies do not yet have such a base of experience, or they do not have the ability to pay high salaries to a full-time expert.
In doing so, they face the same challenges as large manufacturers:
  • achieve consistent quality
    and reduce the influence of human error;
  • increase sales volumes
    to offset production costs;
  • reduce energy
    and water consumption;
  • protect production
    from accidents and prolonged downtime.
This is where Viravix Engineering comes in. Our process engineers have gained their experience from dairy giants and are familiar with their practices. And the economies of scale will cost you less than employing an in-house process engineer.

In a short time, we can help you establish and strengthen your own dairy traditions for consistent quality.
What do we offer?
Industrial engineering from Viravix includes several areas:
Analysis of the customer's existing processes
We conduct production audits to identify bottlenecks, blind spots and major sources of energy loss. Our in-house developed QiVisor remote monitoring system helps us do this. Its sensors can be attached to almost any production equipment, and the software is as easy to set up as Wi-Fi. QiVisor has proved to be excellent at covid constraints, and we use it to this day to save time and costs for personal production inspections.
What kind of result will you get?

Why can we be trusted?

We are experts, renowned in the industry. Our engineers started out as food service workers and have risen through the ranks to become zone managers of a group of companies.
As part of Viravix Engineering, we have implemented dozens of projects in Ukraine and the EU
  • The qualifications and experience of our experts are documented.
  • "Viravix is an official partner of Elaks. For more than 30 years, it has been carrying out turnkey automation projects. Nestlé, Wimm-Bill-Dann and other major players in the food industry have been its customers at different times.

We only work with trusted suppliers and contractors:
turnkey industrial automation company. They performed projects for Nestlé, Wimm-Bill-Dann and other major players in the food industry and the pharmaceutical market.
Alfa Laval
a Swedish equipment manufacturing company with dozens of factories and service centers around the world. Their products are presented in more than 100 countries.
a global manufacturer of automated equipment for the food industry. Specializing in bottling and packaging of beverages for over 150 years.
a large manufacturer of equipment and automation systems for breweries. He has more than 300 turnkey brewery projects.
international technological corporation specializing in the production of food and beverages.
the world’s leading manufacturer of beverage production and bottling equipment.

An example of our work