Process optimisation in a dairy plant

Viravix Engineering offers help to the technical unit of a dairy plant to optimise production processes. Our engineers can advise on how to reduce energy consumption, downtime, reject rates and returns. We bring together the best industry experts with dairies.
VIRAVIX engineers will evaluate existing processes, advise the customer on key metrics and suggest ways to improve.
What you will get from the optimisation service:
  • A report on bottlenecks and "blind spots" in production - more often than not, these are the ones that give rise to major losses;
  • Recommendations for eliminating them;
  • An internationally experienced process engineer - there are fewer experts in dairy production than factories, and not every company can employ such an expert;
  • A system of remote monitoring of processes, which helps to manage the main parameters of the equipment operation without personal presence at the enterprise.
Viravix Engineering offers both turnkey customised technical solutions and advice on individual production problems.
You can set up a steam boiler with the tap of a hammer. If you know where to hit it
Yuriy Fedyaj CEO of VIRAVIX
Typical problems
The "headache" of food production: to maintain consistent quality and product safety without significantly increasing the cost of production.
Milk is a socially important product. It is consumed by a large part of the population, which limits producers in price manoeuvres.
The interests of the key players in milk processing are different, but they can all be combined into one goal:
"Milk must be bought and milk must not be too expensive to produce".
  • Director
    he dairy farmer wants to make a profit. He needs milk processing equipment that delivers consistent quality without excessive cost.
  • The chief engineer
    The dairy plant engineer is concerned about the trouble-free operation of the production line. In his world, the equipment must be easy to operate, reliable, and have low energy consumption.
  • For the technician
    The process engineer wants to control all the parameters of the production process. From his point of view food processing equipment should be able to meet all the requirements and adapt to new recipes or production quantities.
  • The quality specialist
    The quality engineer is responsible for ensuring that the dairy product is safe and complies with standards and technical regulations. It is important to him that the production line is easy to sample and that the quality of the washing process ensures that it is free of bacterial contamination.
Every dairy product return leads to three groups of problems.
Commercial — lost profits and penalties;
Reputational — consumer distrust of the brand and loss of sales;
Legal — legal costs, possible suspension of production.

Large food giants employ full-time risk management experts. Smaller dairies cannot afford this luxury.

Outsourcing from Viravix Engineering can help in such situations. Our experts will be happy to share their risk management expertise with you.

Why can we be trusted?

Viravix Engineering is an international centre for food processing engineers. We bring together dairy producers and the best process engineers.
Each of our experts has worked their way up from the rank-and-file technician to area project or plant team leader.
Nestle, Unilever, Bunge and many domestic producers already appreciate the experience and expertise of our experts.

We love what we do and are happy to share our experience with equally enthusiastic people. Those who are willing to learn:

  • best practices from leaders in food production;
  • understanding and application of regulatory requirements;
  • an engineering approach to milk processing as a system of interrelated components;
  • the nuances of equipment operation.
And all with the aim of creating a quality and safe product for the consumer.

As we are passionate about what we do, we learn and pass on our knowledge to our customers, we try out new things and keep old, reliable traditions alive.
How to get help from us
It's easy. Submit an application via any convenient method, and we will agree a process for gathering initial information about your production.
We can obtain the raw data remotely, so a Viravix production audit is very affordable.

During the COVID pandemic, we had to test a remote working format. To do this, we developed remote monitoring systems, one of which is the QiVisor web application.

It is as easy to set up as a Wi-Fi router. QiVisor sensors are connected to the production equipment to obtain data on components and process systems.

What this format does for you:
  • You save on engineering fees.
    QiVisor's remote auditing reduces production analysis time by around a factor of three. If you pay by the hour for the services of an expert, the approximate savings will be from 340 euros per month.
  • You will have access to QiVisor.
    Your team can monitor your production yourself 24/7, from anywhere in the world with Internet access.
QiVisor Web
An example of working in the QiVisor Web interface
You get a visualisation of all your dairy plant operations. The system reports incidents and problems in good time. All data is archived in the monitoring system and stored for three years.

Viravix engineers will help you with the installation and configuration of QiVisor. But you can also choose a face-to-face work format - with an expert on-site visit.
How does the collaboration work?
Stage 0
You can leave an application on our website, by e-mail or by phone. We will contact you to agree terms of cooperation and sign an agreement.
Stage 1
We install the QiVisor system on your equipment:

  • we ship the hub - you will only pay for it if you decide to keep it for permanent use;
  • your engineers install the sensors on the equipment and our experts remotely supervise the process;
  • you receive from us the code file you need to write into the controller software
  • we set up QiVisor - this is included in the service fee.
Stage 2 (permanent)
The system is accessed by our experts and your specialists. You approve their list yourself to protect the data. We also sign a confidentiality agreement with all clients, so your data won't "leak" anywhere.

As we work, the approved experts will receive production information from QiVisor. We will send you a regular report on the performance of the equipment, together with our recommendations. If any problems occur in production, our engineer will help solve them.
What is included in the result
On the basis of analysis of data from monitoring system we will prepare technical decision on improvement of technological processes: pasteurization, washing, packing. We will advise where losses can be reduced and production costs reduced.
A subject matter expert will always be in touch with the production engineer, quality expert and process engineer. They can advise you remotely on production issues.
We automate production to reduce the effects of human error. This way you are assured of consistent product quality and a reliable production line.
Email notification
The monitoring system warns the responsible employee in case of deviation of the technological process from the set parameters. And that way you can react as quickly as possible to incidents.
Service prices
All inclusive

Hardware and software purchase (sensors, controller, cable, wi-fi router)

500 Euro* + Extended Basic Rate 1

* Without hardware (hardware cost)

550 Euro* + Tariff 1 Basic (for extension)

Basic Rate + Extras

* without hardware

650 Euro* + Tariff 1 Basic (for extension)

Advanced Rate + additional options

* Without hardware

Installation and commissioning
150 €
150 €
150 €
Initial application setup
50 €

Initial chart setup: entering the name of the sensors, sensor designations, unit formation

Initial chart setup: entering the name of the sensors, sensor designations, unit formation

Setting up
50 €
50 €
50 €
100 €
100 €

Online users' training (sending a training video, 1 hour online consultation, answering questions

One-time additional options at the renewal stage
  • One-time setup - free of charge.
  • One-time setup of sensors - 70 euros
  • One-time setup of HMI software - 50 euros
One-time sensor setup
  • One time sensors setup
  • One-time setup of HMI scheme
Submit an enquiry to Viravix Engineering in any way you like and our team will contact you. Or call us if you still have questions.
Renewal costs
All inclusive


∞ to email responsible customer

∞ to email of responsible parties at customer side

∞ to email, sms, messenger chat-bot

Response by field engineer to the event

Number of parameters to monitor
Up to 10 parameters in 1 process
Up to 15 parameters in 3 processes (15*3=45 parameters)
Up to ∞ parameters in 10 processes
Reporting of operation

2 times a month


Charged from €35 per hour / consultation

Detailed answer once a month on the provided list of questions (email or online up to 30 minutes)


Extras (preparation of ToR or schematics for further improvement)

Extensive response once per week to a list of issues (e-mail or online, up to 90 minutes)


additional services (developing ToR or schematics for upgrading)

300 Euro/month Sensors - 10 sensors * 2 Euros Engineer - 35 Euros/hour * 8 hours
650 Euro/month

3400 Euro/month* *300 sensors

10 engineer working days

Submit an enquiry to Viravix Engineering in any way you like and our team will contact you. Or call us if you still have questions.