3D scanning and modelling

Order a service for 3D scanning and 3D modelling of buildings, structures and equipment in a food production facility. You will receive a volumetric digital prototype of the selected object, which will help in carrying out modernisation or repairs in production.

Viravix Engineering brings together the best engineers with food production plant owners.

What is 3d scanning
and 3d modelling

Both 3D technologies allow you to get a three-dimensional image of the desired object - bim model.
It can be a production building or separate equipment in it: pasteurisers, separators, CIP-washers.
The only difference is that 3D modelling builds a design model, while 3D scanning builds an existing model.

BIM reflects the characteristics of the real object and is suitable for its management at all stages of the life cycle: design, construction, operation, preservation and liquidation. Volumetric digital models are much more convenient and visual than flat 2d drawings.

The client can order:
  • 3D modelling of the plant.
    Helps to restore project documentation, prepare for reconstruction or get a digital copy of the future complex
  • 3D shop floor modelling.
    You will receive a model of an individual production area, with all devices and utilities.
  • 3D modelling of equipment.
    Assists in the installation of new units: pasteurisers, CIP washers, etc.
  • 3D scanning of the plant and individual rooms.
    Clearly shows the existing operating conditions and spatial constraints. This makes it easier to plan the location of new facilities and assess compliance.
  • 3D scanning of equipment.
    The digital prototype can be controlled, modified and the result can be seen at a glance. This makes it easier to control operation and modernisation work.
BIM model is not just a volumetric visualisation of an object, but a prototype with all its characteristics. It contains information about the construction, materials used, engineering communications, equipment and even furniture. The user will see all the features of the object, including cracks in the floor and defects in the finish.
The key point is that it is a computer model. This means that it can be shared, modified or cancelled in case of error.

3D scanning and 3D modelling help:

  • select specific technical solutions;
  • understand how the facility will behave in operation;
  • prepare estimates, construction plans, equipment specifications;
  • manage operations, plan repairs and renovations;
  • design mothballing, abandonment or dismantling.

By having a bim model, the customer will not overpay for inefficient design and technical solutions that will be unsuitable for the existing operating conditions.

Stages of 3d scanning and 3d modelling

  • We will agree on the terms of reference and work schedule.
  • We conclude a contract.
  • Obtain and analyse primary data, assess the complexity of the object.
  • Scanning objects with the FARO S150 laser.
Creation of a BIM model
  • Create a point cloud
  • Create a digital prototype of the object using SolidWork or Revit software.
The customer receives a bim model of a plant or a separate workshop or production area. The level of detail is chosen by the customer: LOD100, LOD200, LOD300, LOD400 and LOD500.
Who we are
We are Viravix Engineering, an expert community of process engineers in the food industry. Our specialists have worked for over 15 years for industry giants, where they have progressed from a rank-and-file equipment operative to a zone expert with responsibility for 15-20 plants.

Viravix Engineering brings together the best engineers with producers.

As a part of Viravix Engineering we have already implemented dozens of projects in Ukraine and European countries. We perform turnkey projects or assist customers at individual stages: from design to maintenance.

In our work we use the best international practices and technologies. 3D scanning and 3D modelling of objects and processes in the factory is one of them. We almost always apply this method in our projects.

Our partner is ScanyWell. It specialises in reverse engineering - 3D scanning of parts of any size: from a few centimetres to several metres. At the Customer's request, we will print the digital model on CNC machines or 3D printers or transfer electronic documentation.

Our cases

    What benefits the customer will receive

    In co-operation with Viravix Engineering, the client receives:
    • design and engineering of equipment based on the total cost of operation;
    • individual approach with adaptation of international practices to the conditions of a particular production;
    • professional knowledge of experts with more than 15 years of experience;
    • recommendations on modernisation of the plant based on an accurate 3D digital model;
    • workshops with the customer to elaborate on design, safety and usability issues.
    Leave a request to Viravix Engineering in any convenient way and our experts will contact you. Or call us if you still have questions.