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Monitoring systems for dairy production facilities

Viravix Engineering provides a service for the implementation of a remote monitoring system for production lines in the dairy industry. The customer receives an expert technical solution for controlling process parameters in 24 / 7 mode, without personal presence at the plant. We connect the best process engineers with dairy plant owners.

Why dairies need monitoring systems

There are several reasons why a customer would benefit from such a technical solution. And they all come together in one group - the benefits of using online production monitoring.

You will get:
Product quality and bacobbin control
The system monitors important process parameters, such as storage or heat treatment temperatures, twenty-four hours a day. The operator can monitor and change these remotely according to the situation.

Stable product quality ensures less product loss, fewer returns from point-of-sale and protects against commercial and reputational losses.
Increased productivity
Remote monitoring of production processes objectively identifies bottlenecks and shows clearly where they can be optimised. We have had a project where we used this system to find bottlenecks and increase the productivity of a production line by 15% without costly upgrades.
Cost savings
Online monitoring of production lines will show the sources of leaks and energy losses within a short time. The experts at Viravix Engineering know effective solutions to reduce energy and water consumption, the implementation of which will save the dairy money.

Also, monitoring of equipment operation parameters helps to efficiently plan the repair and investment programme. The dairy plant owner can see which devices need to be replaced or serviced before a breakdown occurs, allowing money to be spent for the intended purpose. Any engineer knows that emergency repairs are several times more expensive than preventive maintenance.
Early detection of problems
The monitoring system will warn you in advance of any unusual situations or deviations from normal process parameters. Responding quickly reduces downtime due to accidents and helps avoid product spoilage.
Investing in a remote process monitoring system for production lines pays off in terms of results. You get rid of 'hidden' accidents and incidents, you can effectively plan your repair and investment programme, you see ways to optimise processes and save energy.

Monitor your production around the clock, from anywhere in the world, and minimise the risks of "manual management by situation".

Which processes can be monitored

The system monitors basic parameters: temperature, pressure, time, flow rate, volume, microbiology and others, depending on the process. On packaging and labelling, it can be configured to monitor consistency and quality.

Remote monitoring of production parameters is applicable to most processes in a dairy plant, including:

  • Raw material preparation - cleaning, cooling, normalising, pasteurising;
  • Application of stabilizers;
  • Heat treatment and centrifugal cleaning
  • Deaeration;
  • Homogenisation;
  • Ultrapasteurisation;
  • Cooling;
  • Bottling, packaging, labelling;
  • CIP washing of equipment.
The sensors can be installed on almost any equipment, and setting up the system is no more complicated than setting up a Wi-Fi router. Plus, we'll send your technicians detailed instructions on how to install the software and debug the communications.

You'll protect your business by reducing the risks posed by human error.

Examples of monitoring systems for various equipment

QiVisor applicable to a lot of equipment in a dairy, including CIP washers, tank equipment, pasteurisers

What the system can do:

  1. Monitors the status of events on the production line.
  2. Controls the consumption of utilities: water, steam, electricity, oxygen etc.
  3. Shows process performance history for any period (hour, day, week, year).
  4. Analysis of the efficiency (OEE) and productivity of the line.
  5. Displays reports in Excel format.
Qivisor Web is a cloud version of the software. It can be operated from anywhere in the world where there is internet access.
Developer: META SYSTEMS LLC — The company specialises in the development of process monitoring systems for food production and FMCG.

Product applications
Keeps track of water, steam and electricity consumption. Additional utilities can be added.
  1. Monitors capacity equipment load.
  2. Monitors CIP washing of equipment.
  3. Monitors the pasteurisation process.

  1. Ability to add parameters and events.
  2. Easy set-up, without the need for external specialists.
  3. User training and video tutorials.
  4. A cloud-based product that does not require servers, workstations.


  1. Data is stored in the cloud in encrypted form - Encryption-at-Rest.
  2. The information is sent over a secure HTTPS connection.
  3. Backups are made every day.
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