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Viravix experts at the Mondelez factory in Viana, Spain

In the world of business and industry, collaboration has always been the key to success. Effective partnerships between companies can lead to innovation, optimisation of production processes and knowledge sharing. In this context, a team of experts from the engineering company Viravix travelled to the Mondelez plant in Viana, Spain, with one goal in mind - to establish strong ties and start a fruitful collaboration.

Mondelez: Innovation in the World of Confectionery

Mondelez International is one of the world's leading food companies specialising in confectionery and sweets. Their brands such as Oreo, Cadbury, Milka and Toblerone have found their place in the hearts of consumers around the world. However, behind these delicious products is a huge amount of engineering and technological endeavour.

The purpose of the visit to the Mondelez factory in Viana was to establish a dialogue between the experts from the engineering company Viravix and the Mondelez confectionery production team. Both companies took on the task of exploring new ways to optimise production processes and improve the quality of the final product.

Viravix: Leaders in Engineering

Viravix is an international centre for process engineers in the food industry and innovation. The company's specialists develop advanced technologies, automated systems and solutions for a wide range of production equipment. Our expertise ranges from the automation of production lines to the development of unique engineering solutions.

Meeting of Specialists: Sharing Knowledge and Opportunities

The visit of the Viravix team to the Mondelez plant in Viana, Spain, was a landmark event for both companies. The purpose of the meeting was to establish contacts between the Viravix specialists and the Mondelez team working in the confectionery sector. An important aspect of this meeting was the exchange of knowledge and experience that could lead to new innovations and improved production processes.

Collaboration potential: Innovation and Optimisation

The co-operation between Viravix and Mondelez has enormous potential. Combining Viravix's technical expertise with Mondelez's in-depth knowledge of confectionery production could lead to new, more efficient production methods, improved product quality and advanced technologies.

Inspiration and Future

Viana, with its rich history and cultural heritage, has been a source of inspiration for both teams. It is a place where art and technology come together to give the world unique flavoursome delights. The collaboration between Viravix and Mondelez demonstrated how technological advances can enhance the culinary arts and broaden the horizons of possibilities. The meeting of experts and the sharing of experiences emphasised the importance of openness, learning and finding new ways to achieve joint goals.