Process optimization for a brewery

We offer beer producers to use the services of experts (plant-operating engineers) with experience in the largest international brewing companies, in implementation of the most complex projects for

the supply of equipment, its updating, in the launch of new products, in solution of technical and technological problems that could not be solved by the technical team of the plant.

Process optimization for a brewery

Our experts will assess the technological processes, advice the customer’s specialists on the main indicators.

As a result, the client will receive the stability of product quality, increase the manageability of production.

You can spend months looking for a competent brewing technologist. Or save time by contacting Viravix Engineering. You will gain the knowledge and experience of an entire expert community that has worked for industry leaders AB InBev and Molson Coors, as well as implemented projects for new and existing equipment for Heineken.

One is put in mind of the parable of an expert who was able to adjust the operation of a steam boiler with one hammer strike: "Alpha and Omega is to know where the strike should be focused."

Common problems

Pain in the neck of all brewers is ensuring the stability of product quality and reducing costs at the same time.

The owner wants his production to meet the needs of the market, but not consume a lot of energy. His goal is to sell more beer, avoid product returns, and make a profit.

The technologist seeks to control all parameters of the production process that affect the quality of the beer. He needs a stable and understandable mechanism that is easier to manage.

Engineer-in-chief and technical personnel are responsible for the smooth operation of the equipment. It is important for them to avoid accidents, incidents and control the consumption of electricity, water, steam, carbon dioxide.

The specialist on quality is responsible for the safety of the final product. So he wants to control the process of CIP cleaning the equipment so that the beer complies with sanitary and hygienic standards.

Everyone’s motivation is different, but the goal is the same. Beer needs to be appealing to consumers, safe from a sanitary point of view, and not too expensive to produce. Violation of at least one link nullifies the efforts of the entire chain.


Each return of beer to the manufacturer entails three groups of troubles at once.

  1. Commercial. These are lost profits, fines for a poor-quality product and failure to fulfil obligations to customers.
  2. Reputation. The consumer expects beer to be of high quality and sanitary safety. He does not see the conditions of production and hopes that they meet the established requirements. A negative experience undermines the credibility of the brewer.
  3. Legal. Legislators care about the health of the population and impose strict requirements on food products that are expensive to comply with, but even more expensive not to comply. These are legal costs, fines and even suspension of production.

It is difficult for a single brewer to manage all the risks. He may not have enough time or professional knowledge for this. Like AB InBev and Molson Coors, with hundreds of millions of hectolitres of beer on hundreds of different types of equipment from an army of different equipment manufacturers. In such situations, the community of independent experts will help.

Who are we?

Viravix Engineering Company is an international expert centre of plant-operating engineers in food industry. We bring together beer producers and the best specialists.

Our employees have worked for AB InBev and Molson Coors as experts in technology, equipment and maintenance.
Each of them raised from an ordinary operator to a consultant in a regional structure with 10−20 breweries in different countries.

Our experts are known in brewing world through word of mouth. Their knowledge and experience have already been duly appreciated by Heineken, Mondelez, Nestle, Unilever, Bunge and many domestic manufacturers.

Our experts are passionate about what they do and willingly share their knowledge and experience with those who want to catch up the mix of:

  • best practices from leading food manufacturers;
  • experience in applying standards;
  • backward and forward knowledge of the operation of components and systems of technological equipment and lines;
  • understanding of technological processes as a single system of interrelated elements.

And all this is aimed at creating a high-quality and better product for the consumer. As enthusiasts of what we do, we are constantly learning, sharing experience, developing and applying new technical solutions, trying and experimenting, involving new tools and technical trends in our work.

How to get help from us?

Getting started with us is easy. Experts need information about your request, the production method and technical information associated with this request.

This information may be collected remotely. Therefore, it is very affordable.

The COVID pandemic forced us to work remotely, but this is even a plus for our clients. We tested and proved that the remote working mode is real today. To do this, we use monitoring systems, one of which is the QiVisor web application.

This is a very convenient and simple thing that works as easily as a Wi-Fi router. It can be connected to almost any production equipment and receive data from its sensors, components and systems.

Why is this mode good for you:

  • Remote service
    You save on paying for expert services
    The engineer remotely analyzes the data in the monitoring system, without going to the site. This reduces the examination time by three times. This means you spend less on hourly expert services and do not reimburse travel expenses. Estimated savings — from 340 euros per month.
  • Monitoring system
    Your specialists get access to the QiVisor system

    And can control the production process 24/7, from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. You get a visualization of the entire work of the brewery, timely notification of problems on it.

QiVisor Web
The QiVisor Web interface at a brewery
All data is archived in the system and stored for three years. And most importantly, you can easily copy the link from the web application, leave your note and question about the process and ask this question to our experts. This is a unique experience that we recommend trying at least for the test.

Our experts will help you with the installation and configuration of the monitoring system for remote access. But you can also choose the traditional mode of work — with an expert visit on site.

How does cooperation work?

Stage 0
Submit a request on the site, by E-mail or by phone — in any convenient way. Our specialists will contact you to discuss the details of the contract.
Stage 1
Together with your specialists, we install and configure a monitoring system on your equipment:

  • we send the QiVisor hub (you pay only if you decide to keep it and continue to use this system);
  • we help your engineers properly connect sensors to equipment or transfer data securely from your equipment (there may be a small expenditures for sensors at critical control points to resolve your request);
  • we send a file with the code that is needed to write to the controller software on your equipment (no expenditures, just a little work of your software engineer);
  • QiVisor configuration (included in the cost of the service).
Stage 2

We analyze the data from the monitoring system and send you a regular report. Additionally, we advise your specialists on the problems that have arisen. We are always close to your technologists, to your engineers, to your quality specialists.

What is included in the result?


Recommendations with technical solutions for working with equipment. By implementing them, you will reduce the cost of production.


Periodic conclusions and recommendations from a topic expert on the operation of equipment and the correctness of the production process. You will see opportunities for technology optimization.


Reducing the risks of human factor influence on the production process. So you will be sure of the stability of beer quality.

Notification by e-mail

Notification by e-mail of the responsible employee during the deviation of the critical process from the specified parameters. You will reduce quality rejects, product losses, make timely changes to the specified parameters on the equipment, minimize time for timely repairs, reduce accidents and be able to respond to incidents more quickly.

An example of our work

    Service tariffs

    All part of the service

    Acquisition of a hardware and software system

    (sensors, controller, cable, wi-fi router)

    500 €*

    + Tariff 1 Basic (for renewal)

    * without hardware (the cost of gear)
    550 €*

    + Tariff 1 Basic (for renewal)

    Tariff Basic + additional options

    * without hardware

    650 €*

    + Tariff 1 Basic (for renewal)

    Tariff Advanced + additional options

    * without hardware
    Startup and commissioning
    150 €
    150 €
    150 €
    Initial application setup
    50 €

    Initial chart setup: entering the name of the sensors, sensor designations, unit formation

    Initial chart setup: entering the name of the sensors, sensor designations, unit formation

    50 €
    50 €
    50 €
    100 €
    100 €

    Online users' training (sending a training video, 1 hour online consultation, answering questions

    One-time additional options at the renewal stage
    • Self-configuration – free
    • One-time sensor setup — 70 €
    • One-time configuration of the HMI scheme — 50 €
    • One-time sensor setup
    • One-time sensor setup
    • One-time configuration of the HMI scheme

    The client chooses the tariffs for renewal himself: stay on the basic one or choose a more advanced one.

    Renewal cost

    All part of the service

    ∞ by e-mail to personnel in charge on the customer’s side

    ∞ by e-mail to personnel in charge on the customer’s side

    ∞ by e-mail, by sms, messenger chat bot notifications

    Response by a relevant engineer to an event

    Number of parameters to monitor
    Up to 10 parameters in 1 process
    Up to 15 parameters in 3 processes

    ∞ parameters in 10 processes

    Equipment operation report
    2 times a month

    Fee from 35 Euros per hour / per consultation

    A detailed answer once a month according to the provided list of questions (email or online up to 30 minutes)

    + additional services (development of technical specifications or schemes for further equipment update)

    A detailed answer once a week according to the provided list of questions (email or online up to 90 minutes)

    + additional services (development of technical specifications or schemes for further equipment update)
    300 €//month

    650 €//month
    3400 €//month

    Send a request to Viravix Engineering in any convenient way, and our specialists will contact you. Or call if you have any questions.