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Synergy of Expertise: Advancing Food and Dairy Engineering

Viravix Engineering offers services for the development and implementation of technical solutions for the dairy industry. Our engineers will perform equipment installation design, electrical design, preparation of drawings, design documentation and automation of technological processes. VIRAVIX combines the best experts of the food industry with producers.
Advancing Food and Dairy Engineering
What do we offer?

Industrial engineering from Viravix for the dairy industry includes several areas:
We have developed our own remote monitoring system QiVisor Web. It is a system of sensors, controllers and software. It can be connected to almost any production equipment and receive data about its operation. QiVisor is as easy to set up as Wi-Fi.
Optimize your production processes
Our engineers use the data from production analyses to develop dairy production efficiency solutions for our customers. They will advise how to reduce consumption of water, electricity and heat; improve the processes of CIP-washing and pasteurization to reduce production costs. Viravix Engineering experts worked with Nestle and Unilever and know the world efficient production practices.
Delivery of equipment and components

Viravix company officially cooperates with leading European manufacturers of food equipment. Customer will save 15-30% if the components are delivered through our company as an engineering center.
Integration of new equipment, modernization of existing production

We use 3D modeling and 3D scanning to customize ready-made technical solutions to the operating conditions. We will not deliver something that does not fit the specific plant or significantly increase the cost of the project due to the reconstruction of capital facilities.
Technical advice and remote support
Viravix experts will always answer the questions of the director, chief engineer, technologist, quality specialist. Thanks to QiVisor, our engineer will give prompt advice on problems in production without visiting the site. This saves about three times the response time.
Installation and dismantling, wiring, automation and programming
We carry out all work independently, "turnkey". We have a "chip" - the assembly of equipment by the customer's staff under our supervision. This approach reduces the cost of the project. We will prepare the set of assembly drawings and instructions and supervise the process remotely.

Why can we be trusted?

Viravix Engineering is an international center of food processing engineers. We bring together dairy producers and top process engineers.
Each of our experts has worked their way up from a rank-and-file technician to an area project or plant team leader.

Nestle, Unilever, Bunge and many domestic producers have already appreciated the experience and knowledge of our specialists.

We love our job and gladly share our experience with similar enthusiasts.

With those who are ready to adopt:

  • best practices from leaders in food production;
  • understanding and application of regulatory requirements;
  • engineering approach to milk processing as a single system of interrelated components;
  • nuances of equipment operation.

And all this is aimed at creating a quality and safe product for the consumer.

As fans of our business, we learn ourselves and pass on our knowledge to our customers; we try new things and keep old, reliable practices.

We only work with trusted partners:

turnkey industrial automation company. They carried out projects for Nestlé, Wimm-Bill-Dann and other major representatives of the food industry and the pharmaceutical market.
Alfa Laval
Alfa Laval
Swedish company for the production of equipment with several dozen factories and service centers around the world. Their products are represented in over 100 countries.
a global manufacturer of automated equipment for the food industry. Specializing in bottling and packaging for over 150 years.
major production of equipment and automation systems for breweries. Their portfolio includes more than 300 turnkey brewing projects.
an international technology corporation specializing in the production of food and beverage.
a leading global manufacturer of equipment for the production and bottling of beverages.