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Vasyl’ Mazov

Leading expert on IT solutions and Internet of Things (IIoT)
20 years in the food industry and engineering

Higher education - Automatic systems and production.

Trainings on ERP, LIMS, MES, IoT and other solutions.
  • Implementation of a production management system at 3 AB InBev plants;
  • Design and implementation of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for AB InBev;
  • Implementation of an accounting system for semi-finished products in order to search for production losses throughout the entire beer production chain for all AB InBev plants, include the functionality of tracking the batch content of products in primary raw materials;
  • Design, development and implementation of automation systems for SIP stations in accordance with Mondelez International standards;
  • Design, development and implementation of automation systems for technological equipment for the production of Heineken non-alcoholic beer in accordance with the corporate standards of the client;
  • Implementation of the shutdown monitoring and performance improvement (OEE) system for Wimm-Bill-Dann (PepsiCo) packaging lines;
  • Introduction of 3D scanning and 3D modeling of technological equipment for Mondelez International;
  • Description and implementation of modern business processes for project management using Microsoft solutions
Achieved results
  • Successful transition of all AB InBev plants to the new SAP ERP management system:
- manufacturing control;
- quality control;
- maintenance management.

  • Integration of a convenient interface for tracking batches in production using SAP ERP;
  • Impact on the reduction of losses in the production of beer to 7.5%;
  • Validation of CIP stations from a Ukrainian manufacturer to supply any plant in the world for Mondelez International Corporation;
  • More than 50% reduction in errors in the design of technological lines using 3D scanning and coordination of 3D models with specialists in quality and equipment operation;
  • The implementation of a transparent and convenient project management system using Microsoft tools.