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QiVisor - round-the-clock remote access to data for the quality department

How to quickly evaluate the data from 97 control points and check the quality of products during the production process? QiVisor Web - a special tool for quality service! Supplied free of charge for companies in Ukraine.
The QiVisor system allows you to collect any data about the production process
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Food safety risk management

Quality service specialists regularly face the problem of the human factor in production, which affects the quality of the final product.

The lack of process parameter logs and sample control during night shifts makes it difficult to find the root cause of quality problems, it is too time consuming, but the information obtained may still be incomplete.

QiVisor is designed to solve such problems, which provides automatic control of production processes: CIP washing, pasteurization, filtration, etc.

What is QiVisor?

QiVisor - a system for monitoring production data. All in one screen: measurement data, time, place, method of measurement, what was the measurement process. The QiVisor system makes it possible to collect any data about the production process.

A new vision of quality control in 5 dimensions:

  • value,
  • time,
  • state/stage of the process,
  • where (installation scheme),
  • who (identifying record).
Benefits of the system for quality service
  • The most affordable and simple tool for storing logs;
  • History of changes in program steps and settings that can be modified by the operator;
  • Save time for searching and getting information;
  • Affordable tool for controlling production costs;
  • Ease of setting up notifications about deviations in equipment operation;
  • Identify the chronological causes of equipment downtime and measure their impact on productivity degradation.

Our solution collects data daily for quality departments at 5 factories in Ukraine

Who we are?
We are Viravix Engineering Company, an expert community of plant-operating engineers in the food industry. Our specialists have raised through the ranks from an ordinary equipment operator to a regional expert. We are known in the industry by name and are told about our work through word of mouth.
  • Yuriy Fedyaj
    20 years in the food industry
    Higher education - Design engineer.
  • Yaroslav Minenko
    Project manager
    6 years in the food industry and engineering
    Higher education - Mechanical Engineer
  • Vasyl’ Mazov
    Leading expert on IT solutions and Internet of Things (IIoT)
    20 years in the food industry and engineering
    IoT, MES, ERP

Our experts use QiVisor every day to identify opportunities to improve production efficiency
  • Data archiving allows you to analyze data for various periods of time, identify trends, chronic errors in equipment operation.
  • Automatic data collection improves the quality of the decisions made by our experts.
  • Access to production process data from anywhere in the world does not limit our experts in providing their advice to clients in various countries.
  • The ease of working with the system allows you to start visualizing production data for further analysis by specialists without special training.
  • Easy analysis of the causes of equipment downtime leads to an increase in production efficiency.
  • Timely notification of problems in the operation of the equipment allows you to prevent fatal breakdowns.
System Features:
Stages of cooperation
Stage 0
Leave a request on the site, by E-mail or by phone - in any convenient way. Our experts will contact you to discuss the details.
Stage 1

Together with your specialists, we install and configure a monitoring system on your equipment:

  • If you do not have a controller in production, we send you a QiVisor hub;
  • Help your engineers connect sensors to equipment correctly or transfer data securely from your equipment**;
  • We send a file with the code that is needed to write to the controller program on your equipment;
  • Setting up QiVisor.
Stage 2

It's all. You analyze data from a monitoring system. You can order a consultation from our experts about your data and they will send you a detailed report. We are always close to your technologists, to your engineers, to your quality experts.

** - costs for sensors at critical control points are possible.

Connect your equipment to QiVisor and improve the quality of your final product in just a week!

To get advice on connecting your production to QiVisor, leave a request and our specialist will contact you.

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