CIP Auditor
Complex audit of CIP process
Get recommendations for optimizing, automating, and energy-efficiently running the CIP process, taking into account the individual characteristics of the product, equipment, line, etc.
What is it used for
  • Prevent product quality problems by early identification of equipment cleaning deficiencies.

  • Identifying deviations in the CIP process that generate unnecessary costs in terms of detergents, energy and time.

  • Obtain expert recommendations for improving and optimizing the CIP process.

  • We can extend the standard audit to the required number of parameters for maximum results

  • Calculate the economic effect of CIP process optimization

  • If requested, implementation and tracking of KPIs (according to the SMART principle).

  • If needed, we will help you with your projects, as we have years of experience in providing equipment and process optimization for leaders in the food industry.
Audit stages
  • Preparatory stage - terms of reference
    At this stage, we conduct a detailed survey to formulate the Terms of Reference for the contract and agree with the client
  • Design audit
    Visual inspection of CIP stations, circuits and washing equipment
  • Technical audit
    Technical audit of CIP process parameters at various stages
  • Delivery of the report
    You will receive a full audit report for each audit parameter along with professional recommendations from the VIRAVIX team
Inspection package “Basic quality”
50 000 UAH*
  • Visual audit of SIR equipment, circuits and washing equipment in the plant.

  • Audit of pipelines (constrictions, dead zones, etc.).

  • Audit of control and measurement equipment and devices (correctness of the installation, location of the installation - valves, sensors, pressure gauges, indicators)

  • Audit of SIP washing parameters (flow, supply and return temperature, detergent concentration on supply and return, time of each stage, correctness of switching logic between stages)

  • Report on the results of the audit, together with the calculation of the potential economic effect of the measures that will be recommended by CIPauditor.

* Price is based on calculation: 2 days of engineer's work. The approximate scope of the audit is: 1 CIP station, up to 2 circuits. Depending on the needs and scope, the price may vary.

Additional audit options
  • Audit of washing routes according to P&ID, reality
  • Compliance analysis of equipment components along the routes: washing heads - pumps - maintenance - instrumentation - valves
  • Analysis of existing station SIP algorithms according to steps and risk of deviations in operation
  • Analysis of existing object washing algorithms, synchronization of operation with SIS station
  • Analysis of performed SIS washes (based on archival trends, if available to the customer)
  • Audit of the condition of equipment components and their impact on the result
  • Thermography (thermal analysis using a thermal imaging camera) of sinks
  • Detecting leaks - finding causes - technical solutions

            - Excessive concentrations of detergents

            - Mixed phases, drainage, neutralization

            - Excessive heating

            - Hydraulic shocks

  • Analysis and recommendations for preventive maintenance
  • Trend analysis with our IIoT solution QiVisor
  • Link analysis Effective cleaning time -> Safe cleaning level -> Excessive flushing
Annual subscription

Some recommendations on how to maximize the CIP process can only be made after a long-term analysis of a specific line. That's why we offer our customers a CIP audit service. Annual subscription

  • Daily online monitoring of the CIP process with data storage and collection
  • Analysis by our engineers - experts in food production processes
  • Based on the collected data, we make recommendations for further improvements
  • Monthly report on the performance of the CIP process
  • Online HMI panel with the ability to replay any period of time
  • Free online consultation with our experts in various fields

*Annual Subscription price is calculated individually depending on the number of circuits, washing facilities and their complexity.

Advantages of CIP Audit
  • Guarantee of defects detection​
  • 9 main indicators are monitored​
  • Works on both WI-FI and LTE​
  • Online access to data​
  • 96 hours of battery life​
  • Everything for the audit included​

About us

Viravix Engineering is an engineering company providing services to food processing companies in the areas of liquid product processing, dry ingredient mixing and dispensing, and dust explosion protection. We have knowledge and experience in implementing technological solutions and projects for FMCG companies. Our customers are multinational companies operating in the markets of Ukraine, Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.