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Kostiantyn Ruslanov

Process automation engineer
20 years of experience in process automation

Higher education, Kharkiv Aviation Institute
Significant projects
  • Modernisation of the grain soaking, germination and drying department at the malt plant.
  • Automation of the sugar syrup production unit. Adding sugar syrup to the product.
  • Automation of brewing procedures at beer and non-alcoholic beverage production plants.
  • Automation of pasteurisation plants at beer and milk production plants.
  • Automation of deaerated and disciplined water production plants.
  • Automation of elevator complexes and grain dryers.
  • Automation of solid fuel and natural gas boilers.
  • Automation of steam boilers.
  • Automation of packaging production machines.
  • Automation of systems for adding antioxidants and preservatives to bulk products.
  • Automation of fermentation units - CCT.
  • Automation of filtration and separation equipment.