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Automatic single-circuit CIP station with two tanks

The price on 22.08.23 is € 86,437.06

Manufacturers of components:


Parameters of the required utilities

Description of the equipment

Description of the electrical part and the ACS:

Option: QiVisor Web monitoring system

We offer 1 year of free remote support by our process engineer during business hours (9:00 - 18:00), provided that this option is used. This service allows you to adjust the recipe, program and troubleshoot malfunctions, errors, bringing the CIP car wash to maximum productivity and efficiency.
During the year, we will collect all the necessary data and information and make possible improvements to the system:
  • optimisation of recipes,
  • the washing process, and the operation of individual pieces of equipment;
  • changes to be made based on the Operator's experience of using the equipment;
  • control and optimisation of the preparation time of cleaning solutions;
  • control and optimisation of operating temperatures, pressure concentration, flow rate during CIP washing;
  • optimisation of utility consumption (electricity, steam).

This service is recommended. However, in our experience, the best performance, energy efficiency and usability can be achieved by implementing and adjusting the programme within 1 year of operation. We offer this service absolutely free of charge to you as a remote service.

At the same time, we do not involve our technologists and programmers to be on site during this time (1 year), which allows us to save our costs and provide the best service for you.

Leave a request to Viravix Engineering by any convenient way and our specialists will contact you. Or call us if you still have questions.