Engineering for food production: turnkey equipment supply

We offer engineering from an international centre of process engineers: from equipment supply to warranty service. Our experts have worked for industry leaders AB InBev and Molson Coors, as well as implementing projects for Heineken equipment. They will be happy to share their experience with you.
Инжиниринг для пивоваров

Why do food producers need
engineering services?

Small producers and multinational manufacturing corporations have one thing in common - they strive for consistency and quality in their product. What is commonly referred to as "tradition".
Tradition is a guarantee that the brand will be known and bought. Production and sales will be stable, and production will not face the risk of product return to the warehouse:

  • commercial - losses, fines for failure to fulfil contractual obligations or violation of sanitary norms;
  • reputational - undermining the trust of customers;
  • legal - legal costs and suspension of production.

International major manufacturers have long established their traditions and maintain them with a system of their own standards. Thanks to their knowledge base and requirements, they steadily increase production volumes and conquer new markets.

Small and medium-sized producers do not have such a baggage of standards. And they do not have the time to learn the ins and outs of food production and form their own traditions.

Challenges for local producers:
  • качество пива
    Achieve quality consistency
    and reduce the impact of human error;
  • объемы продаж пива
    Increase sales volumes
    to compensate for the high cost
    of a good product;
  • потребление утилит
    Reduce consumption
    water, electricity, steam;
  • Защита производства
    Protect production
    from accidents and prolonged downtime.
And this is where Viravix Engineering can help. The experience of our process engineers will help you to ensure flavour and consistent product quality in a short period of time and to create and maintain your own food production traditions.

We bring together the best experts and manufacturers.
What do we offer?
Industrial engineering for food processing plants from Viravix Engineering includes several areas of expertise:
Analysing the Customer's existing processes
For this purpose, we often use remote monitoring systems, such as the QiVisor web application. This is a very handy tool that works as easily as a Wi-Fi router. QiVisor can be connected to almost any production equipment and receive data from its sensors, components and systems. We had to try it out during the pandemic and guarantee it works great.
What kind of result will you get?

Why can we be trusted?

We are experts. This is not a title in itself, but a recognition of our merits in the industry. Heineken, ABInBev and many domestic producers have worked with us.
Each of our specialists has worked his or her way up through the ranks of the food processing industry.
We have worked for AB InBev and Molson Coors as experts in technology, equipment and maintenance. We have worked for AB InBev and Molson Coors as experts in technology, equipment and maintenance.

We only work with trusted partners:
a turnkey industrial production automation company. Performed projects for Nestlé, Wimm-Bill-Dann and other major players in the food industry and pharmaceutical market.
Alfa Laval
Alfa Laval
is a Swedish equipment manufacturing company with several dozen plants and service centres around the world. Products are available in more than 100 countries.
a global manufacturer of automated equipment for the food industry. Specialised in beverage filling and packaging for over 150 years.
is a major manufacturer of equipment and automation systems for breweries. It has more than 300 turnkey brewery projects under its belt.
an international technology corporation specialising in the food and beverage industry.
the world's leading manufacturer of beverage production and bottling equipment.

Our works

    We strive to create a quality and best product for the consumer. Enjoying food is a human privilege.
    Yaroslav Minenko, Technical Consultant VIRAVIX