Station for preparation of sugar syrup

Sugar is dozed from big bags using hoist to conical buffer from which it is dosed into the line via automatic butterfly valve installed at the bottom of buffer. Station is equipped with centrifugal pump that circulates product and improves dissolving process. Main components of station are:
Main components of station are:
  • Centrifugal pump (for circulation) supplied with flashing of bearings;
  • Seat valve for flow control;
  • Automatic leak proof control valve;
  • Automatic and manual butterfly valves;
  • Non-return valve;
  • Mesh filter;
  • Sight glass.
For automation of process next sensors are installed:
  • Inductivity sensor;
  • Temperature sensor;
  • Pressure sensor;
  • Flowmeter.
Station is supplied with two vessels, each has:
  • Spray balls of CIP;
  • Vertical mixer;
  • Manhole;
  • Top and bottom level sensors;
  • Level meter;
System can work with 2 tanks at the same time. One is dedicated to preparation process of sugar syrup. Another one is used for dosing of sugar syrup into the product.
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